Britney on the Cover of Music Week


Finally some positivity from the press! Britney graces the cover of Music Week and they include a great article about her influence in pop music, her Vegas show, and her upcoming anniversary. 

Read the article below. 

“This summer, Britney-mania is sweeping the country, as Britney Spears tours the UK for the first time since 2011.

What’s more, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the pop megastar’s debut single, Hit Me Baby One More Time. There’s only one way we could celebrate all that and more at Music Week, so this week, Britney graces our cover.

Inside, we delve into the machinations of a tour that is set to take the nation by storm, from the germination of the idea to its execution. Plus, we analyse the business of Britney Spears, and assemble an all-star cast of songwriters and producers to dissect some of the singer’s biggest hits....

 Britney Spears has every right to be laughing in 2018: it is set to be one of the biggest years of her career. This week – having already wowed 57,000 fans at Brighton Pride – she is embarking on her first full UK tour in over half a decade. Yes, there was a one-off show at Apple Music Festival at Camden Roundhouse in 2016, but otherwise Britney has been preoccupied Stateside with her critically acclaimed Las Vegas residency.

First established in 2013, it offered further irrefutable proof that she had well and truly bounced back from her well-publicised personal problems in 2007 – Britney reflecting on that era in Israel’s newspaper Yediot Ahronot last year by saying: “My life was controlled by too many people, and that doesn’t let you be yourself.”

Indeed, Britney’s Piece Of Me extravaganza changed the very nature of what playing Vegas meant. Here was a cutting edge show from a contemporary artist that was anything but the sun setting on a career.

What’s more, somewhat remarkably, this year (October, to be precise) Britney will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of her debut single …Baby One More Time. It was the exact moment a girl from the backwater town of Kentwood, Louisiana, would be catapulted into a career that would shift nearly 100 million albums (and counting), and become an inextricable part of the pop firmament.

Crucially, Britney stands not just as an avatar of the late-’90s teen pop revolution, she has transcended it, continually reinventing herself.

‘You don’t stay on top for 20 years by accident,’ songwriter and Britney collaborator Justin Tranter tells Music Week. ‘That’s not a fucking accident!

 Not only have her songs endured, they enjoy a continued relevance today. This year alone, …Baby One More Time was one of 21 songs to be featured on Now... 100’s bonus disc earmarked for defining hits from its last 99 editions. Similarly, the past 12 months have seen Anne-Marie sample not one but two of her hits on 2002, while Fall Out Boy’s Young And Menace referenced Oops!… I Did It Again’s chorus.

But Britney means business in more ways than one. To list all of her ventures outside of recorded music would be to stretch the elasticity of a conventional sentence structure beyond its breaking point. A short-hand run through can, however, just about squeeze in: a starring role in the 2002 film Crossroads, the 2005 reality TV show Chaotic, endorsements with Candie’s, Kenzo and Pepsi to name but three, the Britney Spears: American Dream app, Britney’s Dance Beat video game on the Playstation 2, Gameboy Advance and PC, and last, but most certainly not least, her extensive range of fragrances. It’s now in its 14th year, with this month seeing Britney releasing her latest perfume, Prerogative – her first gender neutral scent.

Her ground-breaking endeavours in this particular field is evermore closely intertwined with her music career, and was so successful it established a precedent for everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift to follow.”

Source: Music Week