EXCLUSIVE! We Have New Details on Britney Musical!!


Forget everything you’ve heard heard about the Britney musical! 

We all know Britney hit New York City on May 12 to attend the first reading of a Broadway musical scored with her hit songs.

The play is rumored to be planned for an early 2019 debut. It has been in the works for a while now. Britney and her team gave their blessing last year. But anything else you’ve read online is false  UNTIL NOW. 

We talked to Broadway performer Nick Adams (who’s viral “Slave 4 U” drag performance you saw on our Instagram). 


Adams was one of the twenty “lucky” enough to attend the reading that Britney went to last month and he gave us some MAJOR details! 

The musical is NOT autobiographical; all of her famous songs are being used to tie together a fictional narrative. 

“It’s a full musical [wiith] only her music. 2.5 hours of Britney. [It] Opens with Baby One More Time. It’s about female empowerment. Told by way of fairytale princesses who take over their stories instead of relying on princes... Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, etc. There are only two male roles. [The] rest is female.”

While Nick isn’t IN the production, he got to see Brit’s reaction just the same. 

“There were only about 20 people invited to see it and Brit was there with Larry, her assistant and body guards.” (And we know her business manager Lou was there too) . 

So what was her reaction after hearing it come to life? 

“She LOVED it.”