Britney a Part of Pepsi Super Bowl Ad


Pepsi’s North America Beverages CMO Greg Lyons spilled that Britney will be a part of a Super Bowl ad featuring generation’s of celebrities. 

This re-collaboration makes sense as Pepsi is Britney’s tour's official sponsor. (And her original commercials were its most successful). Britney also performed at Pepsi’s Jingle Ball in 2016 to promote Glory

Lyons said of the project,  “Pepsi has been part of the culture for the past 120 years, whether it’s music or sports or celebrity, and so we’re launching a new campaign that we’re going to kick off at the Super Bowl, called Pepsi Generations, and it’s celebrating our history in pop culture with some of the most famous partners we’ve ever had.

Cindy Crawford’s part of it, along with her son Presley, and it will also feature Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Uncle Drew is going to be part of it, so it’s jam-packed with iconic artists that were part of our history and it’s going to end with a look forward at where we’re going as a brand as well.” 

We can’t wait!!!

Rewatch Britney’s original commercial below.