Shania Twain Talks "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know"


Did you know that Shania Twain wrote Britney's 2001 ballad “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know”?

Twain spoke about it recently. Britney recorded the song inside Shania's home in Switzerland in 1999. 

“She was working with my ex-husband in the studio, and I got to say hello while she was in the studio because it was at our home,” said Twain.

"She was very sweet. It was a great experience just to get to know her on a behind-the-scenes level a little bit. It was obviously an honor to have her record some of my songwriting...Britney did a beautiful job with the song.”

And that's not the only thing the two have shared. 

Spears memorably sang “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” in her 2002 film Crossroads. 

 And the two entertainers have since had successful Las Vegas residencies. Maybe a future collaboration is written in the stars? (YES PLEASE) 

“[A duet] would be cool," Twain proclaimed. "She's sweet. We're both blonde. Maybe I'll have to go back to brunette so that we have a little bit of variety there. Diversity.”