Forbes Describes Piece of Me as 'Vegas' Most Successful Show'


In its years on the Vegas Strip, Piece Of Me earned the distinction of being one of the most successful shows to ever descend in Sin City.

Earlier this year, Britney had sold more than $100 million in tickets, and that doesn’t take into account merchandise sales or the remaining shows. It also doesn’t include the revenue generated by concertgoers who spent on hotel rooms, restaurants, alcohol or in the casino.

In a recent article, Forbes praises the Queen of Pop for her success.

"It’s difficult to estimate an all-encompassing sum that might explain just how valuable the chanteuse really is. The legacy Spears leaves is much larger than money, even though the final total she’s likely responsible for is massive. Money comes and goes, especially in a city like Vegas, but the “Womanizer” singer has changed one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for good, and it’s impossible to attach a price tag to that kind of revolution." 

"Vegas is back on the map for younger travelers in a way it never would have been before Britney showed up, and while she may leave, the city has reentered the American consciousness in an incredibly valuable way. She may depart and the show may soon be over, but no other pop star can claim to have left the same mark on Sin City as she has, and that’s worth much more than any amount of ticket sales." 



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