'Piece of Me' Officially Ending


After rumors surfaced over the weekend about Piece of Me  ending or being revamped supposedly by an interview with Larry Rudolph, Britney announced the end of the show Monday morning across social media. 

Britney also announced new dates for the show through New Years Eve, which will be the last show.  

Tickets for Sept-Dec go on sale April 14. 


In the "interview", Larry said Britney may take some time off to work on a new album and then come back to Vegas (maybe not to Axis) with a new show. 

Britney usually takes time off (2 years usually) between albums and with her doing the show for the last 3 years, it seems like time for a break. HOWEVER Britney has already been back in the studio after Glory was released and is touring throughout Asia and Israel in June and July so MAYBE a tour is coming.  

We will have to find out!