Britney Covers 'THINK Magazine'


Britney is on the cover of THINK Magazine and she talks maybe touring after Vegas. Over the past year, however, the pop icon has gingerly tip-toed around the idea of touring outside of her residency.

“I love doing my show in one place, plus it’s been great because I can have my boys out with me a lot of the time. But, sometimes I do get that itch to travel and tour again. It’s in my blood,” she told the Las Vegas Sun in February last year.

But with a few performances during December and her iHeart Radio and Apple Festival shows, both she and fans are getting the tour bug. 

"I hope we can do some touring! It’ll be fun to see my fans from overseas who haven’t been able to make it out to Las Vegas,” she said in THINK. 


There isn't much else new in the magazine but feel free to read the entire article here.