Britney's Apple Music Festival Performance [Watch]


Britney put on yet another amazing performance just two days after her iHeartRadio gig. The London crowd was hyped and even Britishney made an appearance! It was like a mini Piece of Me concert.... Which is exactly what we needed after her month long break from Vegas. 

Two new outfits made their debut and we're hoping they make their Vegas debut when Britney returns next month. 

Watch the entire concert below!  

Work Bitch  

Womanizer, Break the Ice, Piece of Me  

Radar Intro, Me Against the Music  

Gimme More  

 Make Me 

Do You Wanna Come Over


 If You Seek Amy

Til The World Ends

More videos to come!!!  

Britney did an interview before her performance and talks being back in London, Glory and her music influences. Watch her interview below.