Britney @ Apple Music Festival - What Time?


Britney will be performing at the 10th annual Apple Music Festival  tomorrow in the UK. But don't worry fans- you can watch the performance from many Apple platforms!! Whether you own an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple TV, there's plenty of ways to watch. 

How do I watch the performances?

• On Apple Music using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer.
• On your big screen with Apple TV (select Music from the main menu).
• An Android phone with Android version 4.3 or later compatible with our SU1.1.2.

You need to be signed up with Apple Music to watch. You can sign up for a three month trial.  

Now let's get down to business... WHEN will the festival air in YOUR neck of the woods?!? Here you go...  


ET: 4:00pm

PT: 1:00pm  

CT: 3:00pm  

Canada:  4:00pm

France/Italy: 10:00pm  

Dubai: 12:30am (Wed)  

India: 1:30am  (Wed) 

China: 4:00am (Wed)  

Japan: 5:00am (Wed)  

Australia: 6:00am (Wed)  


We will post the performance so stayed tuned here to watch!