"Make Me" Music Video Drops

Britney debuted her music video for her single "Make Me" on Friday- and it already has over 5 million views!


We love that the video is innocent (for Britney standards), very sweet, fun, and completely different than any other video she has done. 

Fans, however, are dissappointed that the video Brit had originally made was NOT the same one that debuted. WHY? There were MANY rumors afloat, including director Dave LaChapelle not wanting  anything to do with the video, which isn't the case. RCA released a statement saying that the original simply didn't fit the song. And we COMPLETELY agree! Yes it sucks that we didn't get to see Brit in those hot outfits she posted all over her social media, but RCA did the right thing. The original video doesn't work with the slow-paced song and just looks like a badly edited orgy.

For those who need to view the original, you can see it on our Instagram.