Dear MTV....


Dear MTV,  


How DARE you keep Britney from performing to her full potential by never turning on EITHER of her microphones!!! 

Thats right- you not only kept her first mic on but when she attempted to sing OVER the track, that microphone didn't work either!!!!!  But she handled it like a CHAMP! She could've stopped the performance or walked off, but she kept her composure. Even after the fact, she hasn't let anyone know you fucked up her performance. Why? Because that's not Brit. 

Britney puts her all into performing. Say what you want about her lip syncing but EVERY artist does it! Countless performers at the VMAs DID NOT sing live! Beyoncé didn't and you couldn't even hear her; Rihanna's 3/4 performences were lip synced and her 4th performance proved why she doesn't deserve the Vanguard Award that Britney was the SECOND person to receive. You honored Rihanna and she proved that all of her music is altered in the studio. HOW does she have a recording contract?!? 

The Vanguard Award used to mean something but now thanks to the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna, it means nothing! 

You let Kanye go on a rant because it makes for good TV and you know people will talk about it. You let him promote himself for over six minutes and then showed his horrible new music video.  

What doesn't make good TV? Someone attempting to perform live with not one but TWO microphones of which neither is turned on!! You let Britney look like she was all over the place when in reality she was just trying to understand why her voice wasn't coming out!  

You promoted the hell out of Britney like you actually respected her when in reality it was all to get people to watch. Britney IS the reason people still even tune into the show which has gone down hill ever since she left the stage in 2008. It was the only reason I was watching! 

Britney gave you "Baby One More Time" in 1999 with NSYNC; "Satisfaction/Oops" in that nude jumpsuit in 2000; "Slave 4 U" in 2001 with Banana the snake; "Like a Virgin" with Madonna in 2003, and "Gimme More" in 2008 when she wasn't ready but she still went out and performed. In fact, that performance is better than all of Rihanna's from Sunday night!!

People STILL talk about these performances DECADES later! No other name is dropped more than Britney's when it comes to the VMAs. She is an ICON; a LEGAND. In fact, that's what every artist asked about her described her as! 

Britney gave you her ALL and you screwed her over in return!! 

I had high hopes for this "comeback" performance that everyone was calling it despite Britney not going anywhere. But not only did you screw over THE biggest pop star on the planet but you upset billions of fans who follow her every move and were excited to see her perform her new music in front of an audience other than her Vegas crowd. 

This new Britney era has been SO exciting to watch with a happy Britney. We have AMAZING new music that is so different than anything Britney has done before and is nothing like the music that is constantly played on the radio. Britney not only has mixed up her sound but she sings in TWO languages on Glory. French AND Spanish!! Britney spent over TWO YEARS working on this album and you disrespect her??!!!? How do you think that makes her feel?!!? 

I leave you with one question- WHY????

Was it because you were worried that Britney would pull another 2008 performance? That she'd make YOU look bad?!? 

I hope you read this and I hope you apologize publicly not just to Britney but to her fans. I will no longer support MTV and certainly won't be tuning into any future VMAs.