Lifetime Making Britney Biopic

This is a story about a girl named Britney (Jean) ...

Lifetime will be making a Britney biopic starring  Natasha Bassett and NO it's not titled Crossroads 2: Cross Harder! 

The film, entitled Britney Jean (copying her last album title, much???), will follow Spears' early career as a young girl from Louisiana, relationship and breakup with Justin Timberlake,  her personal struggles following her parents' divorce, her marriages to Jason Alexander, Kevin Federline and her downfall that saw her lose custody of her sons before she rebuilt her career and proved herself to be a force in entertainment.

As Lifetime calls it, the "tumultuous true story" of her rise to fame, fall from grace and triumphant resurrection.

The film will begin production Sept. 19 in Vancouver for a 2017 premiere. The movie will be produced by Asylum Entertainment (The Kennedys, Ring of Fire). Anne-Marie Hess will pen the script with Leslie Libman (Manson's Lost Girls) directing. Exec producers include Steve Michaels, Jonathan Koch and Joan Harrison. 

We have mixed feelings on this, as it seems that Lifetime is just jumping on the Britney bandwagon that is currently occurring with her new album releasing Friday. We aren't sure if we REALLY need another Britney story, as she has been in the limelight ever since she was 15. We have seen the ups and downs and with her multiple candid documentaries, we aren't sure if this story is even necessary! 

UPDATE: Britney has NO part in this movie and has not given her blessing!!! Fans have a petition to get it axed. You can sign the petition here