Billboard Calls 'Glory' Britney's "Comeback"

Billboard is calling Britney's new album Glory a "comeback".... *insert eye roll here*

" Nearly a decade later, we’re still watching for a total return to form", the article reads... really Billlboard? Where were you when Blackout came out? And Circus? Apparently you totally forgot about her domination at the 2008 MTV VMAs?

The article goes on to say that with Glory "Spears appears ready to give us her all again. Glory represents something better than a return to form; it is, at long last, a step forward for the 34 year old. She’s using her voice in new ways -- on “Make Me,” it actually sounds pretty, a word rarely used to describe her singing, even in her heyday. She has reclaimed her standout talent, a distinctive dance style that combines cheerleader precision with slinky bits of burlesque."

Cheerleading meets burlesque? Yeah that's NOT how anyone would describe Britney's dancing! 

" [Britney]has come back again and again, and maybe even for good this time." Britney NEVER went anywhere, Billboard!!! 

And as the Britney Army and Britney herself has said... DON'T call it a comeback!!!!!!