Third Single 'Clumsy' Premieres

As Brit promised, her third track off of Glory , titled "Clumsy" has hit the interwebs. People are calling it a "energetic club jam", but it's no "Work Bitch" or "Til the World Ends". It IS, however, more upbeat than the previous two tracks- "Make Me" and "Private Show".

Co-written by Talay Riley and co-produced by Warren “Oak” Felder (of Pop & Oak) and Alex Nice, the song is very different than anything the Queen of Pop has ever done. 

"Call me a fool, call me insane / But don’t call it a day,” she sings. “Never told a soul about what we’ve done / you let it roll right off your tongue.” 

Listen to the song below.

You can purchase the song (and Glory) now on iTUnes and Apple Music!