Songwriter Justin Tranter Talks Britney & B9

Hit songwriter Justin Tranter ("Love Myself", "Sorry", "Hands To Myself") has opened up about working closely with Britney on her upcoming album - tentatively known as "B9" - and shared nothing but praise for her!

Both Britney and Justin posted a photo of them working in the studio together back in November. 

"Nobody ever talks about Britney as a writer and she's f**king great, like insane. Her concepts were bold and smart and very left of centre, in a good way," he said. "Melodically, she has melodies for days. How come no one mentions that this girl can write the f**k out of a song?" 

Trainer reveals Britney requested to work with him and his writing partner Julia Michaels after recording their demos. "We got to work with her a bunch of times. She's the sweetest. A couple [of songs] we wrote on our own and then she wanted to write with us. She's an amazing writer." 

Britney said she wanted her next album to be more "rock" and rumors have been floating around that it was taking an alternative approach. If any of Justin's songs make the album, it definitely seems that her album will be. 

"Definitely a more alternative thing [is] happening. The stuff that I've worked on and that I've heard is definitely quite special, and it's amazing."  

You can tell Justin loves Britney and truly wants the best for her.  "She's a f**king riot. Laughing her ass off, living her life - she's the best." 

And the feeling is mutual. Britney brought him up on stage at her Piece of Me show as her slave during "Freakshow" back in November. 

Hear what Justin had to say about Britney in a recent interview.