Exclusive: Britney's Hair Stylist Spills on Her BBMAs Hair

Spears’ hairstylist Lorenzo Martin spilled on what Britney's hair will likely look like for the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night. And it's definitely different than last year's sleek straight look seen above.

“Working with Britney is always a fun and exciting vibe,” Martin said. “I’m thinking we’ll probably do something very sexy and effortless.”

Martin will blow her hair dry with a medium size round brush and set the hair in large hot rollers, which helps ensure it will last all night long. To minimize frizz during this process, Martin suggests using “a leave-in condition after shampooing and, if possible, let your hair dry naturally.”

Once dried, Martin brushes her hair out with a vent brush and curls using multiple sizes of curling irons, always ensuring he’s curling in “vertical, alternating sections.”

To finish, Martin uses his “favorite product of the moment,” the Wave Spray by OUAI , which he says “expands the hair and gives it amazing texture; a ‘just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly' look.

We think Brit's hair will look something like the looks below. Which one is your favorite?