Playboy named 'Slumber Party' one of the sexiest songs of 2016


Playboy named “Slumber Party” one of the sexiest songs of 2016!


 Britney Spears is no stranger to songs about sex. Since begging for another hit while dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl to slaving away for her lover and dancing with a python, Spears knows how to mix raw sexuality with infectious hooks. In the latest single from her new album, Glory, she tackles a new troupe: bisexuality. “Cause we got them candles hanging / Hanging from the ceiling low / We use our bodies to make our own videos / Put on our music that makes us go fucking crazy, oh / Like a slumber party.” While the lyrics are notably unisex, it’s Tinashe’s assist in the radio remix that allows the song to confront sexuality more pointedly. With Tinashe, “Slumber Party” became a delightful, suggestively same-sex romp about the lost art of spending a night in with a friend—or two or three. We don’t judge here.

Um Playboy, the song and video aren't about being bi.... This isn't the first time Brit has (almost) kissed a girl...