Adam Leber Speaks About Britney to Billboard


Britney's manager Adam Leber opened up about Britney in an interview for Billboard. We've copied the parts he mentioned Britney in, below. 

Who or what do you credit for ­Britney Spears' comeback following her 2008 breakdown?

When her parents got involved, that changed everything. We spent so many years trying to get her back on track -- from a health perspective, not just a business perspective. It was a tumultuous time. When her father got back into her life, I personally think it saved her life. With that structure in place, we were able to rehabilitate her health and her career.

Her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas will soon pass the $100 million mark. Was the widsom behind it related to the exorbitant costs of taking a pop show on the road?

It was more of a lifestyle decision than a financial one. Larry, Britney and I were in Australia when she told us she was getting a bit tired of touring for as long as she had, and coupled with the fact that she's a mother, she was getting wary but she still wanted to perform. So I started to think about all the territories where you could do a standalone show: New York, London, China maybe, but Vegas is so transient. The challenge was that there were no contemporary acts in Vegas -- it was where artists went to die, to a certain degree, or you were a heritage act at the height and she wasn't there yet.

We wanted to build the ultimate pregame destination in Vegas, so we played with this idea of a hybrid nightclub and a theater. Planet Hollywood was the only one that had a venue they were planning to gut and renovate. Our audience, which is 21 to 45, they're not using Vegas to go to a show. Maybe they go to dinner but they're going out to party. We wanted to make a perfectly timed show where you can comem, get f---ed up, and then go out at night and it's working incredibly well.

You are not a fan of exclusive deals -- why?

Because I don't believe you should ­punish your audience for choosing a platform they like. Artists are cutting off a ­significant percentage of their audience. It's like you just smacked that kid for making a ­decision on technology. That's not fair. You want consumption, and by closing off part of your ­audience, you're only hurting yourself. With Britney's ­[latest] record, a ­nonexclusive was the way to go.

You can read more of the article  in the Nov. 26 issue of Billboard.