Britney's '50 Minutes Inside' Interview


Britney did an interview with the French show 50 Minutes Inside. She really opens up about her life. 

Since the video is in French we have the of what she says... 

On Glory...  

"It's more urban I feel like. It's not so 'pop'; it's kinda  smooth. I got really lucky. I go to go in the direction that I wanted to. I had a girl that guided me and got me to work with the people that I wanted to and we made some magic."

"I chose the name Glory because my son Preaston, he was in love with my album and he just said 'mom it's a glorious day now that you're done with it' so Glory was appropriate."

On Piece of Me  

"I've been wanting to do that for a very very long time now. I talked to my manager and just four years ago he came to me. The timing was right and everything made sense so it's really cool. 

On Fitness

"I love to swim. I did go through a phase of running on the treadmill A LOT. I like to do yoga, I like to dance. I'm always dancing, like 3 days a week so that's the main thing." 

On Her Kids  

"They're my everything. They're my kids. I love them. I'm an ordernary mom. We go everywhere together. It's fun."

"I'm stronger but at the same time I'm a mother so I'm very sensitive too. So I think my love is deep as a person, which makes me stronger in some sense but it makes me very vulnerable than others."

Watch the interview below.